What we found from NY Warn Notices?

By scraping website of the NY warn notices from NY deparmet of labor, there are some good findings need to pay attention to.

By analyzing the data from python, there are three findings that I think are worthwhile to talk about, as they all convey some information of the coronavirus.

By checking with the chart above, it shows numbers of warn notices about reasons states for filing. The chart closely refelcts why the unemployment rate during the coronavirus hit the bottom of the economy since the last Recession. It is obvious that filings of temporary plant layoff and temporary plant closing are the major filings reasons. Because of stay-home and close-unessential-businesses orders since March, the chart makes sense that temporary layoffs increased instanly in the past few months.

The second chart I want to analyze is about reasons for dislocation of those warn notices. As there are too many different reason for dislocation, I only selected the reasons with more than 1 warn notice. The chart is very dramatic, as it illustrates how wide the influence of the coronavirus is. The top reason for dislocation is "Unforeseeable business circumstances prompted by COVID-19", which probably has the same explanation as the finding from the first chart.

The last finding I want to talk about is the business types that filed most in the pandemic. From the chart above, services industry, reatil industy and hospitality industry are hit hardest by the coronvirus, the same reason as the first chart that stay-home and social-distancing orders limted them a lot. To be more specific, resturants, hotel and retail are the top three industries that filed most warn notices this year. The finding shows those industries need more help in such a hard time.