How is the immigration trend in the U.S. now?

Since the Trump administration took power in 2016, the U.S. immigration policies became more and more strict and limited. What's worse, for undocumented immigrants, deportation threatens them a lot.

In 2019, the Trump administration announced a new policy to expand authority for the expedited removal of undocumented immigrants who cannot prove that they have been in the U.S. continuously for at least two years. During the coronavirus, the immigration is much more limited, as the administration started restricting certain categories of immigrants from entering the United States for 60 days and ordered a 30-day review to recommend new restrictions on temporary visa holders.

The TRAC system has assorted immigration data updated by the U.S. government. By analyzing the data from New Deportation Proceedings Filed in Immigration Court and State and County Details on Deportation Proceedings in Immigration Court, we can see the general trend of the U.S. immigration year by year, as well as some finding of specific states.

By checking with the chart above, we can find the U.S. immigtation trend is getting more and more narrowed. Based on the the deportation proceedings filed in immigration courts, in 2019, deportation files reahced the most. Compared with past years, deportation proceedings filed increased dramatically and remarkably, which refelcts the changes of the Trump administration's strict immigtation policies.

This is map based on the rate of how many immigrants with deportation proceedings filed accounted for the population of different states until March 2020. With the different colors, California, Texas, Florida and New York are the top four states that have the highest rates. For California, Texas, and Florida, their locations are the key reason for those states having many immigrants with deportation proceedings filed. For New York state, with the biggest city in the U.S. in the state, NYC is often the first choice for many immigrants.

From the map above, we can find California is the state with the most deportation proceedings. I'm also curious about how long for the most immigrants have been living in the U.S., so I collected data to make a chart for it. The chart shows most of the immigrants with deportation proceedings in California only have lived up to one year. And then the second most of the immmigrants have lived between one and five years. Those are actually the target groups of immigratns will be threatened by the new policy issued by the Trump administration that I mentioned in the beginning of the article.

The last chart I made is specifically for New York State. New York State is among the top five states in the U.S. with the most deportation proceedings filed in immigration courts.By makeing the chart based on the Nationalities of immigrants with deportation proceedings filed in NY, China is the top one country whose immigrants with deportation proceedings in NY in immigration Courts, and it also significantly larger than other top 10 countries.